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Debt RecoveryLegal recourse is an important part of effective receivables management, but can be a difficult activity to manage effectively. Let CCI’s Legal Department simplify the complexity of managing a multitude of law firms and enhance the effectiveness of your recovery efforts. CCI’s Legal Department is online with law firms who represent all types of creditors in collection litigation in every part of the United States, as well as internationally. CCI’s comprehensive legal recovery services include:

Pre-Litigation Collections:

Effectively pursuing accounts prior to filing suit, often eliminating the need for legal action

Attorney Network Collections:

Filing suits on your behalf in the appropriate jurisdiction, ensuring that judgments are entered on a timely basis

Bankruptcy Recovery Programs:

Customized bankruptcy strategies identifying and pursuing every viable option for recovery, including proof of claim filing programs, reaffirmation invitation programs, non-dischargeable debt programs, nationwide motions filing, and nationwide replevin filing

Clients have online access to CCI’s system, permitting off-site audits, online referral of new cases, and the review of specific cases. You will receive consolidated reporting, and have one central legal resource, regardless of the number of jurisdictions involved. Contact CCI today to put our attorney network to work for you.
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