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What services do freight forwarders offer

Freight Forwarding Services

An International Freight Forwarder contracts with importers and exporters of goods that ship to and from points outside the United States.  These goods could be shipped as Full Container Loads (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL) or as Air Shipments.  International Freight Forwarders provide both economic and compliance based value to their clients.   

Freight Forwarding Services include but not limited to Ocean Freight, air freight, warehousing, distribution, Customs clearance and package delivery

Freight Forwarding Services

1.       Economic

– Freight Forwarders leverage their buying power to negotiate rates on behalf

of their clients; rates the importer/exporter cannot typically achieve due to

lack of volume or negotiating expertise.   Once rates are negotiated,

the Freight Forwarder “books” their client’s shipment with an NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) or directly with the Vessel Operating Company or Air service provider.

2.       Compliance

– Each international shipment involves two distinct movements; the seen

movement of goods and the movement of information.  The International

Freight Forward provides expert assistance to their client through the

sometimes treacherous, sometimes murky waters of international shipment

documentation.  Documentation requirements are far too varied and complicated

to detail in this space.  but they assist with compliance with regulation

mandates from US Customs and Border Protection, the TSA, and possibly the Food and Drug Administration.

An International Freight forwarder usually acts as an interface between Container shipping Lines and exporters/importers. They usually get better(lower) freight rates from shipping lines rather than an individual exporter/importer. This is because forwarders have more volume of cargo to offer as they aggregate cargo of many exporters/importers.

Some Freight forwarders also offer door to door logistics in the sense that they can handle the entire chain of operations from loading at the factory of an exporter (including custom clearance, land transportation) to delivery at the importers warehouse etc.

Freight Forwarding services these day include many of the activities that fall under the umbrella of supply chain management

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