Receivables Management Services

Our Services are aimed at reducing the risk to your business by implemting various tools that will nake sure that your business does not chase bad debt. We help you take control of your cash flow.

Receivables Management Services

In order to maintain current customers and attract new ones, most of the manufacturing and trading firms find it imperative to offer trade credit. The practice of selling the produced goods on credit gives birth to accounts receivables.

It is considered an essential marketing tool acting as a catalyst for the sales— maximization leading subsequently to profit-maximization. ‘Credit is the soul of business’ is an ancient saying of the business world. Receivables constitute a substantial portion of current assets of business firms.

In fact, the basic goal of receivables management is to manage the credit in such a way that sales are expanded to an extent to which risk remains within an acceptable limit. The objectives of managing debt are:

(i) To obtain optimum volume of sales,

(ii) To control the cost of credit and keep it at the minimum,

(iii) To maximise owner’s wealth and income, and

(iv) To maintain investment in debtors on optimum level.

Our Receivables Management Services include:

  • Debt Recovery.
  • Factoring.
  • Purchase order Financing.
  • Forensic accounting.
  • Credit worthiness assessment.
  • Credit Insurance.
  • Cash Flow Management


We work with lading companies in the US and around the world to make sure that you have the cash that you need to operate your business.

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